Man and Flight.

Airplanes, helicopters and rockets. Man has made many ways to fly. But have we ever stopped to ask: How was the dream of flight made a reality?   Flying began with flying dinosaurs, To the different types of birds we see. Man began by copying birds with wings. Then many years later, the hot air …

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Being a friend is an extraordinary thing, It has too MANY advantages. Having a friend gives you a feeling, Of happiness and comfort.   You share sacred secrets and innermost thoughts, With friends. Family comes first but having a friend, IS AMAZING!   Friendship is a strong bond, Unable to be broken, Even through the …

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We see colors everywhere, Red, blue, green and many others. Blue in the sea, green in the trees. Without colors, this world would be dull. Everything must contain colors, The orange in the sun, the grey in the moon.   Our planet is a very colorful place, The color of night and day. Each time …

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